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Marvento Duo's past projects include workshops for all ages, interactive family concerts, and discussions with concert audiences. 

Blog: Nurturing Our Audience as Listeners

In this April 2015 article, go behind the scenes of Marvento's 2014 Mythos Project and "Is There a Gargoyle Hiding in Your Sonata?" interactive performance workshop.

Marvento Duo vs. Isaac Newton

When Elizabeth and Weronika rehearse as a duo, they often end up mimicking the swing of a pendulum to find the right flow in the music. This workshop explores why the properties of a swinging pendulum matter so much in governing musical tempo and energy, and helps the audience more deeply with the music of French composer Claude Debussy. Through games that connect musical sounds with our daily experiences of pendulums, explore new ways of listening to music -  the third movement of Debussy’s Sonata for Violin and Piano, transcribed for flute and piano by Marvento Duo.

Copland’s Leaping Melodies

What do melodies and frogs have in common? They both leap! This interactive workshop and live performance explores the leaps and steps that create melodies in Aaron Copland’s Duo for Flute and Piano. 


What is it like to be in your twenties? What do you know and not know? Was it different to be a twenty-something in the 1770s and 1790s and 1990s and 2010s? What kind of music would you write? This is a concert of music by three 20-somethings plus one 31-year-old who survived his twenties and lends another perspective: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Martin Kennedy, Nadine Dyskant-Miller, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Deconstructing Climaxes: Prokofiev Op. 94

What goes up must come down! Have you ever wondered how composers create energy in a piece? “Deconstructing Climaxes” is a workshop and live performance of the first movement of Sergei Prokofiev’s Op. 94 Sonata for Flute and Piano. Through games based on Prokofiev’s rhythmic motives, participants discover how Prokofiev builds climaxes.

Is there a Gargoyle Hiding in Your Sonata?

Explore how images and stories inspire composers and listeners, and what happens when they don’t. Through listening and movement activities, discover different ways of listening to music as we dive into two works by Lowell Liebermann, Gargoyles, Op. 29 for solo piano and Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 23.

Mythos Project

This project builds connections, creates conversation, and engages various communities through a program of music inspired by mythology which combines many different traditions: ancient Greek myths through the ears of early 20th century French composers, a legend of Charlemagne as transcribed by a Venezuelan-born composer living in the United States, and an Argentinean composer reflecting on Andean myths of the Inca.

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